Iconic Miramar


Opening January 7th, 2019!

Located at 8680 Miralani Drive, Unit 115, San Diego, CA  92126

The goal of Iconic Fitness is to create the "Third Place" the place after home and work. A place where members can come and connect with friends, get great coaching, and get in a great workout. We are trying to provide the place where people look forward to showing up, and know they will receive a a great experience.

Iconic Fitness offers many different programs which we will expand upon in the future. The main focus will be on two of the bigger and more popular programs in the beginning. We will start with traditional CrossFit classes and Iconic Sweat classes. The Sweat program is a less complex, no barbell, high energy 45 min class focused on conditioning.

Other programs which we plan to grow into include Iconic Kids, which is a fitness class focused on developing proper fundamentals of strength and conditioning and building a habit for exercise for kids ages 8-14 yrs old. This is a great program to aid any sports, or to put in place of your traditional sport programs.

Last but not least we plan offer Iconic Sport which is a competition based fitness program. It involves more complex gymnastics and heavier weights. The goal of this program is to allow people looking to compete in the sport of fitness the opportunity to get coached through a program with proper progressions for the sport of fitness. Iconic has a track record of many team and individual appearances at the CrossFit Games Regional using this program.


Join our team for a free week of group fitness classes.

Free to all and suitable for all fitness levels..

Classes focus on strength building, cardio vascular health, flexibility, and personalized fitness goals..

We offer flexible training hours for all lifestyles as well as personal training sessions with our highly experienced coaches.

Stop in and check out our Iconic Fitness Miramar family. We look
forward to helping you achieve a happier and healthier life!


- Team Iconic