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Friday August 17, 2018 (Sport)

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Put all equipment back where it goes. (Rower/Bikes/Mats/Slamballs/Bands/PVCs/Etc)

A. 20 Min AB
Start at 8/5 AB Cals and add 1 cal every minute
  *stay aerobic, tough aerobic, but aerobic
  **when/if you fail to stay aerobic, drop to a moderate pace for the remainder of the 20 minutes

B. Every 90 Seconds x 8 Sets:
12/8 Cal Row
5 Push Press *from the ground @ ~73%

C. 3-4 Sets:
Barbell Ab-Rollouts x 10-12
Side Plank x 30 sec (each)
Jefferson Curl x 3-5 *light, no heavier than 25lbs

D. 3 Sets:
Banded Shoulder Flexion x 10
Banded Wall Clocks x 5 in each direction
Single Arm Ring Row x 8 (each) *1 sec pause at the top
Single Arm Overhead Hanging KB Carry x 50 ft (each) *kb hanging from a band or 2 bands