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Friday July 20, 2018 (Sport)

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Upcoming Events: Saturday July 21, 2018 – Beach WOD and Hangout at Moonlight Beach, 8AM
(Regular Classes Cancelled, i.e., no class at the gym)

A.5k Row Time Trial

B. 5 Sets:
Bench Press x 5
Rest 1 Min
Bent Over DB/KB Row x 5
Rest 1 Min

C. 3-4 Sets:
Oblique Opener x 1 Min *focus on pulling through pelvic floor
Single Arm Plank on the Rings x 30 sec (each)
GHD Side Sorenson Hold x 30 sec (each)
Serratus Anterior Foam Roller Slides x 5-7

D. 3-4 Sets:
Shoulder CARs x 3 (each)
Wall Slides x 10
 *maintain as much of your arm against the wall as possible
Wall Facing DB Cuban Press x 8-10
Powell Raises x 8-10 (each)