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Monday August 20, 2018 (Sport)

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A. EMOM 10:
TnG Power Snatch x 3 (155/105)

B. 2k Row Time Trial

C. Cool Down / Recover a bit

D. 6 Rounds @ 70%, you should be able to have a short conversation in full sentences during this, be aware of your breathing and position 
50 ft Double KB OH Lunge
10 Toes to Bar
13 Deadlifts (155/105)
16 HSPU  

E.  3 Sets:
Quadruped Hip CARs x 3-5 (each) *keep hips square, pull hip through as much range of motion as possible with glute
Single Leg Balance with Eyes Closed x 20 sec (each)
Single Leg 3 Cone Drill x 3 times on each side (touch with both hands)