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Tuesday January 2, 2017 (Sport Program)

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“Trust The Process “

A.) EMOM 10 Alternate Stations:
-Push Press x 5 + Push Jerk x 5  *from the ground

-Bar Muscle Up x 3-5 *scale so these are unbroken and in a faster rhythm

5 Sets of the following

Handstand Push-Ups x 5.5.5 *rest 10 sec between clusters
Rest 1 Min

Chest to Bar Pull-Ups x 5.5.5 *rest 10 sec between clusters
Rest 1 Min

  *You should be able to do the number you are fractioning unbroken, adjust the reps accordingly


C.) 2 Sets of Each :
Powell Raise x 10-12 (each)  *focus on driving the scap down into the opposite hip pocket 

Hand-Over Hand Sled Pull x 2-3 lengths of the rope *keep a hollow body position, drive your shoulders down as you pullNose to Wall HS Hold x 30 sec

*reach through your chest (not your traps)

D.) 4 Sets @ 97+% … go into the light, but don’t dive into it
1 Min Max Meter Row
4 Min Rest