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Wednesday August 16, 2018 (Sport)

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Put all equipment back where it goes. (Rower/Bikes/Mats/Slamballs/Bands/PVCs/Etc)

A. EMOM 35 @ 70% (easy effort)
1) Snatch Grip Deadlift x 3
2) Walking Lunges
3) Weighted Glute Bridge x 5
4) Assault Bike
5) Bear Crawl

B. 4-5 Sets:
Single Arm Plank on the rings x 30 sec (each)
Suitcase Carry x 50m (each)
GHD Side Curls x 12-15 (each)
Stir the Pot on Medball x 10 rotations in each direction

C. As many sets as needed to feel a change
Glute Mobilization of your choice
Glute Stretch of your choice
Quad Mobilization of your choice
Quad Stretch of your choice
(Ex: Lax ball to glute, pigeon stretch, kb quad smash, couch stretch)