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Wednesday July 25, 2017 (Sport)

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Hey Guys! We have had consistent problem with trash, equipment, and foam rollers being left out each night for the past couple of weeks. We wanted to ask for your help in cleaning up after the Sport area. Please throw away any empty water bottles, put away equipment, and treat the area as if it were yours.

A. 5 Sets:
Clean Lift-Off x 3 *3 sec pause at the kneeB. 5 Sets:
Romanian Deadlift with Double Supinated Grip x 3 @ 50X1

C. 3 Sets:
Barbell Hip Thrust x 10
*full glute squeeze to open hip completely
Rest 30-60sec
Band Around KB, RKBS x 15
*focus on speed
Rest 2-3 Min

D. 5 Sets:
20 Sec Max Cal Row
Rest 2:00
*all out sprint

Rest 4 Min, Repeat